1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens (GR)


The main language of communication in the school is Greek and the main languages taught are English, French, and German. Of these, English is the main language and is taught to a high level, while both French and German are taught to a medium level. The study of English is compulsory, while French and German are optional. None of the languages are taught for the assessment in the public examinations. There are only internal examinations. This school took part in several eTwinning projects since 2005.  The work was organised by individual teachers working with groups of pupils aged about 16 +. The work was organized as an extra-curricular activity.  The subject of the project was Greek and Southern Italian civilization. The teachers created an online seminar to teach the pupils the Greek and the Italian language. The pupils worked in groups with their partners and found the work exciting because the teachers organised competitions and games between groups. The pupils spent 4-5 hours per week participating in this seminar over one school year.

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