e.twinning projects – motivation for language learning and intercultural awareness (European Cultural Dimension)

Author(s): Diamantino Silvestre dos Santos Martins
Institution/Organisation: Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso III, Faro (PT)


The Escola D. Afonso III is a lower secondary school in Faro, capital of the Algarve, with 500 pupils on roll. Because of the international tourist industry in the Algarve the school puts high priority on the learning of foreign languages to support the future employment prospects of pupils. Because of central control over the curriculum in Portugal the school cannot revise its language strategies and instead creates motivating experiences for pupils through setting up eTwinning links with schools abroad where communication is in French, Spanish or English. The school makes use of ICT to good effect and cooperates with initiatives in early language learning in local primary schools. Pupil attitudes towards language learning have improved along with their self-confidence in the use of the language. They are also acquiring greatest intercultural awareness which will serve them well in the international tourism community in the surrounding area.

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