eTwinning projects Second Level School Italy (French, Italian)

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Liceo Scientifico "Francesco Cecioni" (IT)

1. Profile of school

1.1 Main characteristics

This is a large state school with approximately 1350 students. It specialised in scientific subjects, but pupils have the choice of following a scientific stream or a mixed stream including foreign languages. Since 1974, the school has a tradition of developing innovative approaches in its pedagogic practices. It is situated near the sea and a major Italian seaport and as a result has a cosmopolitan tradition among staff and pupils.


1.2 Language teaching in the schools

Four foreign languages are taught in the school, French, English, Spanish and German. Within the language stream, the four languages are taught to level B1 for the foreign language baccalaureate. In the other streams, only English is taught to level B1 over five years. If pupils choose the language stream, they must study French with either Spanish, German or English.

All pupils in the school learn at least one foreign language, and there is a teaching assistant available for each language to compliment the work done by the language teachers The CLIL method is being introduced into the school next year. All the language teachers make extensive use of ICT in their work, including the eTwinning platform.

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