Early Language Learning in Primary School Finland: Case study on eTwinning project (English, Finnish)

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Oriveden Keskuskoulu (FI)


The language initiative described for this school is an eTwinning project carried out in collaboration with a Norwegian school. The schools opted for eTwinning as being an ideal vehicle for carrying out a project with younger pupils. The teachers involved were very ICT literate and the eTwinning tools made it easier to implement the project. The pupils spent 1-2 lessons per month working with the project in the ICT lab at school for online chats and teacher’s guidance. Students did a lot of the work at home during free time. Pupils used their home computers for communicating with their partners, wrote letters, did exercises or at least prepared their texts at home. The teacher spent about 2 hours a week planning, preparing tasks and communicating with partner teacher.

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