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Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Portmarnock Community School (IE)

1 Profile of school

1.1 Main characteristics

Portmarnock Community School is a co-educational school in the secondary sector of education. The school, built by the Department of Education and Science, was opened in 1979. It provides a fully comprehensive education, which is designed to ensure equality of educational opportunity for all its students. It offers a wide curriculum as well as a varied programme of extra activities. It is situated in the outskirts of Dublin near the sea.  It has approximately 1100 pupils mostly from a middle class background. The school offers a very wide curriculum as well as an extensive sports and activities programme.


1.2 Language teaching in the schools

The main language of tuition is English, which is the mother tongue of the majority of the pupils. The languages on offer in the school are English, Gaelige, French, German and Spanish, which is newly introduced. All pupils are required to study both English and Gaelige and must choose one other foreign language. All languages are offered from 1st year (age 12) to 6th year (age 18) and are taught to higher level for the two state exams; the Junior Certificate (age 15) and the Leaving Certificate (age 18). Nearly all pupils study a language although there are some exemptions among pupils with Special Educational Needs.

There is at present no language assistant in the school, although there is a German student doing some part time hours during an Erasmus year.

The school has a rich ICT environment and the teachers use a virtual learning environment (VLE) to supplement their classroom activity.

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