Broad sweeps of imagination (BSI): Encouraging communication skills to enhance and sustain students’ motivation to learn foreign languages in Turkey

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Göztepe İhsan Kurşunuğlu Anadolu Lisesi Istanbul (TR)


The Göztepe İhsan Kurşunuğlu Anadolu Lisesi in Istanbul is a mixed private upper secondary school with some 590 students. It is the coordinating institution for this initiative which is being implemented through the Doga network of schools in Istanbul with 8000 students overall. The language initiative Broad Sweeps of Imagination: A New Method to Teach a Foreign Language (BSI) was developed by teacher trainers and language teachers from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy in a EU financed project to develop methodologies with a focus on the rapid building of communicative skills with its impact on students’ motivation to learn foreign languages. The use of the CLIL approach is a crucial element in the methodology. Success in examinations has improved remarkably in both written and oral examinations since the introduction of the BSI methodology. Student attitudes towards language learning has improved considerably and they show every sign of enjoying the experience.

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