Moving towards a polyglot mindset in Andalusia: Llanes Middle School (Sevilla)

Author(s): Virginia de Alba Quinones, Francisco Lorenzo
Institution/Organisation: Universidad Pablo de Olavide Sevilla (ES)


Unlike some of its northern counterparts (Catalonia, the Basque Country), Andalusia (Spain) is a largely monolingual region. This has served as an impetus for change yet it is our contention that without the European policies and guidelines emanating from continental institutions, notably the Council of Europe, the radical overhaul of social and educational language planning currently underway would have been nigh on impossible. We are surveying IES Llanes (Sevilla, Spain), a high school which takes part in the Plurilingualism promotion plan of Andalusia. This is an ambitious regional policy document of the Junta de Andalucía and 3 years after its implementation we can show its benefits.

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