Internationale Sprachkurse / International Language Courses (University of Freiburg)

Author(s): Sonja Dierks
Institution/Organisation: Sprachlehrinstitut der Universität Freiburg (SLI) / Language Teaching Center (DE)


Since their inception nearly 100 years ago the International Language Courses have gained a sound reputation for modern, high-quality further education. The number of registrations has steadily risen since 1911, when the courses started with 64 participants. There were 782 registrations for the 2007 courses.

Since 2004 students participating in the International Language Courses receive up to 7 credits (ECTS). Strong institutional support and the international setting both at the SLI and in Freiburg - located near the French and Swiss borders - guarantee a steady flow of incoming students from all over the world.

More than 80% of the participants are students, all of whom are fully aware of the importance of foreign language proficiency. The highly motivated teaching staff and their pedagogical expertise serve to encourage and foster student interest and motivation. Practical options are also available, such as the opportunity to attend the “German for Tourism” course, which includes an internship at a hotel in the Black Forest.

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