Campus Europae

Author(s): Krzysztof Kaluzny updated and revised by Bernd Justin Jütte (March 2010)
Institution/Organisation: Campus Europae (LU)


The European University Foundation Ð Campus Europae (EUF) is a network of  European universities, that strive toward enhancing student exchange among the members of the network. To achieve this goal, the Campus Europae exchange program (CE) has created an infrastructure that not only smoothens procedures relating to academic recognition and decreases administrative requirements. In terms of substantial student exchange CE students are encouraged to visit two different universities, each for one academic year year, in order to acquire a notion of Europe that is more holistic than that provided by short term exchange periods.
An important part in this context is occupied by the CE language policy, which emphasizes the need to study and learn the language of each host university in so they can actively participate in the academic, social and cultural life of the host environment. Given the linguistic diversity of the member universities, many languages that are considered as minority languages are being taught within the language infrastructure.
In order to achieve the abovementioned aims, the CE language policy includes thee main stages: Preparatory online courses developed by the Hook Up! project, with interactive elements and online language tutoring, face-to-face intensive courses at the host university prior to the beginning of the academic year and accompanying language courses throughout the exchange year. Academic as well as linguistic achievements are certified by the EUF.

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