Escola Secundária de Pinheiro e Rosa

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Escola Secundária de Pinheiro e Rosa (PT)


The name of the project coordinated by this school, “Comunicação à trois bandas” tries to express in a brief manner the spirit: a word in Portuguese, one in French and another in Spanish, three countries; three different realities; three different cultures! All the assignments had two main purposes: getting to know and understand all those realities from a European citizenship perspective and the consolidation of their foreign language skills. The Spanish language was the language used to communicate. For the French and Portuguese pupils the Spanish language was part of their curriculum, which demands a command of both the written and spoken language. These pupils worked on the writing of texts audio recordings, chatting on MSN Messenger, (always in Spanish). For the Spanish pupils it integrated part of the curriculum subject “Means of Communication” which includes the study of communication, language and media.

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