eTwinning projects Second Level School Italy (French, Italian)

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Liceo Scientifico "Francesco Cecioni" (IT)


All pupils in the school learn at least one foreign language, and there is a teaching assistant available for each language to compliment the work done by the language teachers. The CLIL method is being introduced into the school next year. All the language teachers make extensive use of ICT in their work, including the eTwinning platform. The teacher involved in this case study, has worked with over 19 eTwinning projects, which have been fully integrated in the school foreign language curriculum with all the classes she teaches. One of the projects she coordinated won the prize in the age category 16 – 19 in the European eTwinning prize 2008. All of the projects have been awarded the eTwinning European Quality Label (EQL), and another project was among the top 70 projects in the 2008 eLearning Awards.  All the projects are carried out during school time with the regular class of between 23 to 31 pupils.  The pupils are aged between 15 & 18 years. The language medium of all the projects is French. The classes were of one-hour duration three times per week. The other partners in these projects include, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic.

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