Cross Cultural Competences

Author(s): Luc Dierickx, Erik Uytterhoeven
Institution/Organisation: Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (BE)


Cross Cultural Competences is an elective course for students in economics and management. CCC bridges the gap between a student’s academic curriculum in economics and management (including 3 foreign languages) on the one hand and a business oriented multilingual learning environment on the other hand. Each travel course is composed of visits to multinational companies organized by tutors, of similar company visits organized and prepared by the students themselves, of cultural activities and of individual reports/abstracts written in a foreign language by each participating student. The CCC course targets students who do NOT take part in the Erasmus exchange programme. It enables them to get acquainted with a foreign business culture while developing their foreign language skills in either French, English, German or Spanish. It increases their employability, boosts the tutors’ commitment, raises awareness among policymakers in the institution and within companies. And finally it’s the very fundamentals of networking between universities, students and the world of business.

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