1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: 1st Experimental Lyceum of Athens (GR)

1. Profile of school

1.1 Main characteristics

The school is an upper secondary school in an urban district of Athens. It is a state funded, mixed school with approximately 250 pupils. The school is deemed experimental because of the approach to teaching taken by the teachers who are chosen for their specialist qualifications in advanced teaching methods.

1.2 Language teaching in the schools.

The main language of communication in the school is Greek and the main languages taught are English, French, and German. Of these, English is the main language and is taught to a high level, while both French and German are taught to a medium level. The study of English is compulsory, while French and German are optional. None of the languages are taught for the assessment in the public examinations. There are only internal examinations.
The teachers in the school take part in teacher exchange programmes funded by the Comenius action while the pupils also take part in exchanges funded by both Comenius and the Lingua programmes. There are no foreign language assistants in the school.
The school has a strong tradition of teaching using Information Communication Technology and it has broadband Internet connection to use for this purpose. The teachers and pupils use the internet, together with such tools as digital cameras, office suite software, Front Page web publishing tools, Shockwave, Photoshop, digital authoring tools Exe and tools for communication such as email, forums, chat, and video conferencing. The teachers also use a virtual learning environment.

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