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Compte rendu de l’initiative linguistique «Semaine des langues»

Author(s): Gina Ballara, Violaine Carme, Nathalie Gatineau, Corinne Houdebert
Institution/Organisation: Lycée Fulbert Chartres (FR)


Ensemble Scolaire Saint Léon Nancy: Example of bilingual structure within school: French/German

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Ensemble Scolaire Saint Léon Nancy (FR)

The Ensemble Scolaire of Saint Léon comprises a primary, lower and upper secondary school of some 900 pupils on the same campus and is a fee paying, private school located in the centre of Nancy in north east France near the border with Germany. There are a number of German speaking people and ...

Using CLIL in vocational education and training in Flanders

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-instituut Poperinge (BE)

The school is a mixed Catholic technical school in Poperinge, Flanders (Belgium) with some 750 students. Dutch speaking, the school is close to the French border and there is a good case for reinforcing the teaching of French for employment and other purposes. The school has launched the teaching ...

CLIL in a Basque-medium school in the Basque Autonomous Community (Spain)

Author(s): Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe
Institution/Organisation: University of the Basque Country (ES)

The following describes the linguistic competence attained by two groups of bilingual students: a group enrolled in a traditional English as a Foreign language (EFL) programme and a group enrolled in a content-based programme. This study analyses the longitudinal progression of these two groups in ...

Section européene franco-lituanienne: Projet pilote d'EMILE en Lituanie

Author(s): Vilijä Suškiene
Institution/Organisation: L’école secondaire Dzukija d’Alytus (LT)


Moving towards a polyglot mindset in Andalusia: Llanes Middle School (Sevilla)

Author(s): Virginia de Alba Quinones, Francisco Lorenzo
Institution/Organisation: Universidad Pablo de Olavide Sevilla (ES)

Unlike some of its northern counterparts (Catalonia, the Basque Country), Andalusia (Spain) is a largely monolingual region. This has served as an impetus for change yet it is our contention that without the European policies and guidelines emanating from continental institutions, notably the ...

Universitat Pompeu Fabra: The linguistic policy of a multilingual university in a Catalan-Spanish community

Author(s): Carmen Pérez Vidal
Institution/Organisation: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona (ES)

UPF is a Catalan university located in the heart of Barcelona, which has a missions in relation with languages: to use Catalan as the language by default in the institution, to use the co-official Spanish language as a language which many students use and know, and to establish the use of English ...

Multilingual Education in the City of Brussels or How to Implement European Language Policy in Primary Schools.

Author(s): Piet Van de Craen
Institution/Organisation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE)

The following describes a case of bilingual education in an attempt to come to grips with European language policy in the Dutch-speaking primary schools in Brussels. Apart from the language political interest –both at the national and European level- this case also emphasizes the language ...

Kecskeméti Református Általános Iskola

Author(s): Ildikó Szabó
Institution/Organisation: Kecskeméti Református Általános Iskola (HU)


Bilingual teaching in Hungary: An example of the use of CLIL in successfully motivating language learning in bilingual sections

Author(s): European Schoolnet
Institution/Organisation: Karinthy Frigyes Gimnázium (HU)

The school, opened in 1987, is a highly selective, academic secondary school of 650 pupils in a suburb of Budapest, Hungary. Nearly 100% of its students are accepted at university and the World Bank has sponsored it for participation in the International Baccalaureate. From the outset the school ...