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Motivating language learners through certification: the French

Author(s): Daniel Toudic
Institution/Organisation: Université Rennes 2 (FR)

This case study looks at a national HE language certification scheme now being implemented at a number of French universities. The Certificat de langues de l'enseignement supérieur or "CLES" is a CEFR-based certificate designed to test five areas of language competence (aural comprehension, ...

Section européene franco-lituanienne: Projet pilote d'EMILE en Lituanie

Author(s): Vilijä Suškiene
Institution/Organisation: L’école secondaire Dzukija d’Alytus (LT)


The University of Warsaw System of Language Provision – languages for all

Author(s): Jolanta Urbanikowa
Institution/Organisation: University of Warsaw (PL)

The University of Warsaw System of Language Provision is a system financed from the University central budget whereby all students of the first cycle study programmes can learn a language choosing from a joint offering of ca 50 languages, conventional, blended and on-line courses at A1 – C2 ...

Languages Count - The Business Way

Author(s): Henrietta Harnisch
Institution/Organisation: University of Wolverhampton (UK)


Tandem Programme at the Language Centre of the Freie Universität Berlin

Author(s): Maria Giovanna Tassinari
Institution/Organisation: Sprachenzentrum, Freie Universität Berlin (DE)

The tandem programme at the Independent Language Learning Centre (ILLC – SLZ) is an extracurricular initiative of the Language Centre of the Free University Berlin (FU Berlin), but is intended to fit into the university context and into the study programmes of the students. The initiative is open ...