Motivating through integration, accreditation and certification

Motivate students via the introduction of fee exemption and ECTS credit award for language modules at the Language Centre of the University of Lausanne

Author(s): Brigitte Forster Vosicki
Institution/Organisation: Université de Lausanne, Centre de langues (CH)

This case study treats the introduction in 2005 of the fee exemption as well as the optional award of ECTS credits by a number of faculties of the University of Lausanne, of general language modules and independent language training provided by the Language Centre of the university. These changes ...

ABV languages modules at the Language Centre of the Freie Universität Berlin

Author(s): Isabelle Ortiz
Institution/Organisation: Freie Universität Berlin (DE)

The present case study focuses on an initiative taken by the Language centre of the Freie Universität Berlin and concerns the introduction of credited  languages modules  for Bachelor students  of other academic disciplines who complete a general preparation for professional life within their ...

Internationale Sprachkurse / International Language Courses (University of Freiburg)

Author(s): Sonja Dierks
Institution/Organisation: Sprachlehrinstitut der Universität Freiburg (SLI) / Language Teaching Center (DE)

Since their inception nearly 100 years ago the International Language Courses have gained a sound reputation for modern, high-quality further education. The number of registrations has steadily risen since 1911, when the courses started with 64 participants. There were 782 registrations for the ...

Motivating language learners through certification: the French

Author(s): Daniel Toudic
Institution/Organisation: Université Rennes 2 (FR)

This case study looks at a national HE language certification scheme now being implemented at a number of French universities. The Certificat de langues de l'enseignement supérieur or "CLES" is a CEFR-based certificate designed to test five areas of language competence (aural comprehension, ...

An Overview of Language Teaching at Kaunas University of Technology

Author(s): Regina Petrylaite
Institution/Organisation: Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania (LT)

The case study gives an overview of the initiatives and practices of language teaching at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. KTU is a state-supported university training engineers and managers for different branches of Lithuania’s economy. It is the second largest university in Lithuania ...

Vytautas Magnus University

Author(s): Nemira Macianskiene
Institution/Organisation: Centre of Foreign Languages, Vytautas Magnus University (LT)


Languages Count - The Business Way

Author(s): Henrietta Harnisch
Institution/Organisation: University of Wolverhampton (UK)