Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning

Author(s): Karin Duffner, Elisabeth Lillie, Gregory Toner
Institution/Organisation: University of Ulster (UK)


The Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning (CEMLL) at the University of Ulster is a five-year project, funded by DELNI (Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland), to explore the pedagogical effectiveness of multimedia language labs. A core team are engaged in developing and implementing teaching innovations, providing support and training for full and part-time colleagues and students in the deployment of multimedia lab technology and developing the use of a wide range of software and Internet communication tools.

CEMLL’s approach has been to define areas where a change in teaching methodology, resources and support structures would bring tangible benefits for students and then to develop appropriate strategies to address these needs. With an explicit aim of enhancing the student learning experience, CEMLL projects or innovations are characterised by novel uses of new or existing technology as well as dynamic and active learning techniques in face-to-face teaching. Comprehensive evaluation has shown that, with very few exceptions,  students enjoy the varied and challenging activities and teaching methods that CEMLL has devised and that they are keen to assist with the future development and refinement of these. Colleagues appreciate the technical and pedagogical support in addition to the opportunities for personal and professional development and have been adopting new and varied uses of technology in their teaching.

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